2017 – Ringing in the New Year!

PrintWith the advent of a new year, sensibilities rise to the forefront of our mind. Perhaps more than a birthday, the new year sings its own reverie to get our ducks in a row, to begin again to tow the mark, bids us to turn the page and start anew. Yes, the new year taunts us to envision the horizon and see the future by improving our focus. The festivities are over – winter is settling in and she proves to be a preponderance of resolution our inner being innately underscores in its need for reparation toward the achievement of our newest creative seeds and their triumphant emergence in the springtime for summer’s consumption and fall’s exuberance.

As a fledgling entrepreneur / small business connoisseur, having experienced equally great successes and failures, it is time to embrace the season and refresh business acumen, ideologies and direction. It is time to take successes into the future, and to comprehend lessons-learned from entrepreneurial failures of the past, in order to benefit clients, customers, readers and authors universally in our future.

In order to enact benefits, change is required. So, throughout the month of January 2017, change is the plan of the hour. And, will be introduced as the month progresses to enrich government and commercial clients and customers, as well as literary and non-fiction readers and authors.

Both dpInk Company Ltd. and DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. wish each of you happiness, prosperity, and health throughout 2017!


DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. releases “The Rune Snatcher,” by Jeramiah Think

The Rune Snatcher and the Primal Heart, by Jeramiah Think

PRLogDec. 23, 2014ORLANDO, Fla.Ms. Quesinerry states, “‘The Rune Snatcher and the Primal Heart,’ is a coming-of-age fantasy novel with an emphasis on bullying and survival for young and/or new adults. Jeramiah Think and Chris Turtle have written and designed an exceptional adventure with interesting illustrations for readers of all ages; readers who meet and share in Simon’s experiences ignite a common thread of fantasimal realism. Think, as a Korean – American, with dual citizenships for many years, understands first-hand the epic nature of youth, bullies, fitting in, learning to cope and the stickability factor all children young or old endure in life. A must read!”

Think’s novel centers around a young boy named Simon who hasn’t had the easiest time of things. His father disappeared when he was quite young and his mother works to make ends meet. What money she is able to provide Simon for comfort or even just lunch from the cafeteria, ends up in the pocket of Marcus Coleman, the school’s meanest bully. Simon’s encounters with Coleman aren’t always a clinic in intimidation and pain. Simon is a quick study.

He’s learned to become quicker and smarter than Coleman and his pals. Then, of course, there is Rachel Fairburn. Simon’s 8th grade guardian angel. But Simon shouldn’t have to rely on a girl for protection should he? These problems and all the rest seem to take the back burner when one day Simon comes across a magic tome in the woods.

What sacred knowledge rests inside?

What of are the meaning of these changing riddles upon the book’s surface? And, who does this magic item belong to?

In order to answer these questions and dozens more, Simon embarks on a magical adventure which transports him to an alternate universe with its own set of bullies. Only these bullies aren’t interested in Simon’s lunch money. No they seek something much more . . . sinister!

Visit DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. at http://www.donnaink.com or http://www.donnaink.org to gain access to “The Rune Snatcher and the Primal Heart” and for deepest pocket discounts. Also available on main channel retailers.

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The Finish Line for Author Jeramiah Think

The Rune Snatcher and the Primal HeartHello, my dear friends!

My publisher, DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. graciously accepted a totally new manuscript and illustrations from me in June of 2013 when my title was slated for release at that time. While most publishers would have said, “No” to my request to resubmit the entire manuscript – Ms. Quesinberry, CEO-President and Founder determined to delay production for the new manuscript.

The development timeline for the publisher is 270 business days; therefore, my book is just now readying for Galley review.

September 15th is my tentative release date.

I’m personally very delighted to hear and see my book arriving to this extent.

Many changes to the cover arts and chapter arts, to my satisfaction, and the story itself delivers much more adventure and personal affections. No spoilers, but I can tell you it’ll be a fun ride. 🙂

Please stay tuned!

Yours dearly,

Jeramiah Think


To order copies of my title in bulk and/or for signings or interviews contact Special Markets at special_markets@donnaink.org.

To purchase a copy of the title visit http://www.donnaink.org or http://www.donnaink.com

My website is forthcoming.

Title change to: The Rune Snatcher and the Primal Heart

In June of 2013, I decided to submit a totally revised manuscript for what was, “The Rune Snatcher and the Mystery Clown.” Today, my title is: “The Rune Snatcher and the Primal Heart.”

My publisher graciously agreed to accept the new manuscript and artwork and illustrations during the summer of 2013.

Release of “The Rune Snatcher and the Primal Heart” was delayed for production of 270 business days (the normal production calendar for newly submitted work).

Thank you for your patience!



The Rune Snatcher Cometh Soon!

It has been a wait and a half – we’ve had rune snatchers of our own in the production line at DonnaInk Publications, but our rising star Author Albert Cho’s title is phenomenal and will be released very soon! Counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds! Don’t change that dial. . .

Almost February

Hello, all, 🙂

I hope you spent a happy first month of 2013?

Recently, I’ve been busy progressing through the production processes DonnaInk Publications has coached for the past month. It’s a joyride anticipating official publication in 2013.

In recent days, I’ve been writing the second volume for the Rune Snatcher series. Although time is still young to make any big leaps, I can’t but help continue on with the story-line. I have so much in store, and it feels like I’m being chased by time. 😛 The quote “Time is gold” only becomes more permanent by the days.

Anyhow, enjoy the first volume of the Rune Snatcher series! It’s only a prologue of what I have in store for you all. 🙂