Hope you all had a wonderful weekend?

Temeprature dropped pretty significantly over the past few days. Winter coat’s out I’m feeling snug under it. A few acquaintances have appeared sick with a cold before me recently. Stay warm, wash your hands, and drink lots of fluids whether you’re sick or not. Dry, frigid wind is deadly and dries your throat and nose, ultimately causing increased vulnurability to sickness. 🙂

Just a friendly tip.

See ya! 😀


Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Hello, all,

Temperature is dropping quickly. Today was significantly below freezing point, and jackets of warmer nature was forced out of my closet. I can only imagine how cold this year’s winter will be.

For those who are still suffering from the aftermath of Sandy, I send a concerned voice. Articles haven’t ceased to show how stressed  communities are. If worst comes to worst, please stay warm, and do not overdo yourselves. Life’s greatest virtue is none other than a healthy body.

November is here!

Hello, all,

Halloween has passed, and now Thanksgiving is what I am looking forward to! I can only assume how excited everyone else must be. Despite the fact that I am preparing for production, I have been covering a lot of materials, mostly because I enjoy losing my self in deep thought and imagination. I only beckon the day to illustrate these to the public, since it is always great to release a cooped up mind after putting hefty investments into it.

Keeping on reading, and stay warm!